I enjoy my Sunday mornings. It is the only morning of the week I’m not rushing around because I have nowhere I need to be. This Sunday was different. I woke up remembering I had sell Girl Scout cookies with my daughter outside the local hardware store. So, there was not going to be staying in my pajamas until mid morning or an extra cup of coffee. There was some hope, the weather. It was snowing and every once in a while I could hear bits of ice hit against my window. It could be canceled, and then I would get my Sunday morning back.

It was a few sips into my coffee when I received the news the cookie booth would still be going on. My mood turned like the weather outside. Dark and cold. Standing in the cold wet weather with four Kindergarten girls was something I imagined going badly. My daughter feels the need to express every inconvenience she is experiencing over and over again. I had a feeling the others in her Daisy troop would be the same. I also realized the hour of sleep I missed out on due to daylight savings was not going to be remedied with more coffee. I had to to get ready to leave my warm bright house.

A few moments later my daughter, Willow, bounces down the stairs and yells, “Yay, it cooking selling day! I can’t wait!” I didn’t want to ruin enthusiasm, so I did not tell to look out the window at the weather. Or, remind her we lost an hour of our weekend and now we would be sending two hours away from our comfortable home. Did I mention that I was an extreme introvert that never really feels comfortable leaving my house? I felt my mood getting even more gloomy. As she climbed into her chair she continued, “I’m so glad I get to go into the community and do something. I am so glad I’m part of it.” I know my daughter had been studying communities in school. She had three field trips already. One to the fire station, another one to the police station, and the last one to the local grocery store. However, her statement stopped me in my tracks.

Growing up my father’s job always had us on the move. I lived in four different states before I was 15, and I never lived longer than three years in one place. I never know how to answer when people ask where I grew up. I didn’t have a hometown. When I had children, I wanted to give them what I did not have, a hometown. A feeling of belonging to a place. When I heard Willow’s statement I know I have given her this. That’s where her excitement was coming from, a feeling of being part of somewhere. It made my mood brighter and hopeful. This could actually be fun.

Willow and I bundled up and drove on the slushy streets of our town to meet the other girls and their parents in front of the hardware store. It was cold. It was wet. There were a few complaints from the girls, but we enjoyed ourselves. We are all are part of a community that gave us all hand warmers for our pockets. Talked to us about upcoming town events. Joked with the girls and made them feel special. One member of the community did not want to buy our cookies, but made a donation to our Daisy troop. It might of taken over four decades, but I finally found the place I’m from. I am so glad Willow is the one to helped me notice it.

3 thoughts on “Community

  1. What an ending! You finally know where you are from! Such identity found in belonging! Yay Willow for just knowing! Kids are smarter and wiser than we ever give them credit for! Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. I know this wasn’t the Slice you planned to write this weekend… so I applaud you for living in the moment and noticing and going with it. Also, Willow is deep! What a thing to notice. From the start, she was the sunshine in this piece. I’m glad she was able to spread it.

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