Can you soar, but stand still?

I watch the majestic bird circle just below my perch on the trail,

His wing span is massive, his flight maneuvers delicate.

For just a moment, I am eye to eye with him,

Wishing I can fly away and see his world.

He seems to come closer each time he circles by me,

As if he knows my wish and is considering it.

Maybe he has his own wish.

As I stand there taking in his beauty I feel a gust a of wind blow past me,

And in that second I am soaring along side him,

As I am standing still.

6 thoughts on “Soar

  1. I like the way you begin w/ a question and have a vicarious, transcendental experience w/ the bird. I did not expect the ending in which you, too, soar. It’s a lovely surprise.


  2. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! “he seems to come closer to me as if he knows my wish” – that gave me chills! The words are woven together purposefully and the sentences placed to make the reader see, think, and feel the moment along with you! Thanks for sharing!


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