Belly Buddies

The sun came down on my son, Caiden, and his friend A as they were playing catch with a football. Both still in the swimsuits after an evening swim, running through the yard. Every few throws one boy would chase the other and wrap their arms around him in an attempt to tackle him to the ground. They would crumble onto the grass giggling, then they would get up and do it all over again. I watched as they bodies turned into silhouettes as the stars made their appearance one by one. I loved their play, their laughter and their friendship of over ten years.

According to Caiden he has known A even before they were born. I can see why he believes this. A’s mother K and have been friends years before they were born. K and I were expecting both our boys around the same time. A is K’s fourth and Caiden is my first. K took me under her wing and welcomed me into motherhood. She gave me sage advice about what was ahead in my journey as a parent. Once a week during my pregnancy I would meet at K’s house with two other pregnant experienced mothers and we talked and listened, and learned belly dancing from K. It was a magical time and for that I will always be grateful to K.

In early July of 2009 A was born. He was a few weeks early, but beautiful and strong. He had a full mane of hair and the sweetest plump cheeks a child could have. I remember holding him for the first time in K’s backyard. I was over nine months along and I laid him across my very large belly and supported his legs and head with my arms. The moment I did, the little one still inside of me kicked upwards as to remind A he was still in there. I laughed as I saw A’s sleeping eyes open slightly from his soon to be friend. I remember telling Caiden this story when he was about four years old and he looked up at me and said, “That’s why A and me are ‘belly buddies.” A term he uses to this day.

Caiden was late and came six weeks later in August. He looked the total opposite than A. Still beautiful in his own way. He had little to no hair, big black eyes that seemed never to close, and a long lean body. However, Caiden’s and A’s souls were destined to come to Earth around the same time. The look of joy in each of their eyes when they see each other, their laughter over silly things, and the happiness of just being with each other warms my heart. They don’t see each other often, but when they do it is as if time hadn’t passed. For that I am internally grateful.


2 thoughts on “Belly Buddies

  1. So sweet that C thinks of them as friends from before they were born. You captured their bond, first in the present and them taking us back. Wren has a belly buddy and it’s just as you described, as if no time has passed when they get together. Love it!


  2. What a sweet slice! While I love how you shared the roots their friendship story, I giggled myself at this line:
    “He had little to no hair, big black eyes that seemed never to close, and a long lean body.” I hope they have many more chances to play together as the summer marches on!

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