Empty busyness occupies my time,

Avoiding the clock’s face.

I do not let the questions in my mind try to find anwers.

My mind’s created responses may not be the truth and will only frighten more than reality.

I remember a time when I could walk in and help, with no fear or restrictions.

What once was routine now comes with unknown dangers.

Now I must wait by the phone, hoping I hear what I wish for.

My only gateway to her in her hospital bed.

Waiting to hear she is safe and out of harms way.

As the phone shakes the table I lift it and a voice pours into my ear,

I feel the relief fill my body.

Then a sudden realization that the first wait is now complete, but there is more waiting to come.


6 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Such a moving poem. How eternal the waiting, the enduring is, when we are separated from someone we love during a time of need. You capture the helplessness so well with “empty business” and “my mind’s created responses” – I was facing a similar scenario myself, recently, with a loved one almost being admitted to the hospital (not COVID-related). I hope by now you have had more positive news, that your loved one is healing well, that you will soon be together, safely, and that your strength is sustained for each long hour of waiting and its stages … I know how true that is.

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  2. Hugs first off. What packed poem capturing the unease that comes with waiting. I felt a quick jolt of relief near the end but then, just like you the unease set back in. Well crafted! More hugs!

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